Solvent Recovery System for Reducing The Waste Recycling Solvent

Find cost-effective and efficient solvent recovery system for various applications at an affordable price here. We have different models of solvent recovery distillation units as per the requirements of various industries.

Model Processing capacity How much waste solvent  you want to dispose per 8 hours?
Hy20Ex Solvent Recovery System 20 Liters ≤40
Hy40Ex Solvent Recovery System 40 Liters ≤80
Hy60Ex Solvent Recovery System 60 Liters ≤120
Hy80Ex Solvent Recovery System 80 Liters ≤160
Hy90Ex Solvent Recovery System 90 Liters ≤180
Hy125Ex Solvent Recovery System 125 Liters ≤250
Hy250Ex Solvent Recovery System 250 Liters ≤500
Hy450Ex Solvent Recovery System 450 Liters ≤900

Solvent Recovery Systems recycle the utilized solvent or dull solvent on the refinement recycling operating basis, and it is extensively used in numerous industrial applications that use the organic solvent as the cleaning agent, like the thinner, trichloroethylene, toluene, alcohol, IPA, acetone, etc.

Solvent Recovery systems

Our solvent recycling systems uses the distillation method which splits the impurities from the solvent and makes it able to reuse. Our automatic solvent recovery systems have very efficient process system for careful recycling of solvents and other chemicals.  It required very low maintenance because an electronic interface controls the distillation operation.

We are specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality solvent recycling machines; we have the wide range of specific solvent recovery machines that can meet the solvent distillation recycling and recovery needs as per your requirements.

Advantages of Solvent Recovery Equipment:

  • Solvent recovery system reduces the solvent dumping and wastewater treatment expenses.
  • It meets the needs of the single operator and the largest industrial applications.
  • With fresh, secondhand, and restored solvent recyclers, we can usually find a solvent distillation system to fit your budget.
  • We provide technical assistance for setting up and training to utilize the solvent recovery equipment, parts washers, and wastewater treatment systems.
  • We also provide after sales services.


  • High functionality
  • Low operational cost
  • Sturdy design


HY has a reliable name in the in the industry for designing and manufacturing advanced Solvent Recovery Systems. The solvent distillation equipment is found to be sufficient for connecting the in-line central processing unit and the plate wash-out machine in a straight line. The main process is controlled by cold air exchange and then it drains out the remains at a very high speed in recovery mode.

The solvent recovery system is also providing a significant improving rate in the straightway and is also thought to be an ideal and high proficient improvement unit for flexography. The solvent equipment is observed to be quite successful in high industrial organizations where it serves valuable services without any sources of error. This distillation system is highly efficient in providing power competence and thus carries the greater degree of performance wherever it is being utilized.