Organic Solvent Distiller
for Recycling Print Solvent or Thinner

Reuse the waste print solvent, thinner used for cleaning spray gun, parts etc by solvent distiller

solvent distiller

The recovered solvent can be reused, help you to save a lot of time and money, and reduce your dependence on solvent procurement,
the payback period of the Solvent Distiller only need half or one year.

solvent distiller
solvent distiller

Solvent distiller has mature technology and a lot of application experience. We offer affordable unit and PLC full-automatic unit for user to choose according to waste solvent’s daily volume.

Hy205Ex Solvent Distiller with Vacuum Pump

Hy250Ex Solvent Distiller with Vacuum Pump

Hy205Ex Solvent Distiller with Vacuum Pump

Hy250Ex-PLC Solvent Distiller with Vacuum (24 hours continuous running)

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