Solvent Recycler
Distillation & Recycling the Waste for Reuse

Hy offer cost-effective and efficient solvent Recycler for different applications. We have different models of solvent distillation recycler units as per the requirements of different industries.

Air& water cooling solvent recycler

HongYi Advance Solvent Recycler

HongYi design advance and modern solvent recycler systems for solvents recycling processes are based on the most superior control and distillation technologies in the world.

We have designed advance and safe solvent recycler systems for solvents recycling processes, based on the most superior control and distillation technologies in the world.

We are here to provide the specific and valuable services through our Solvent Recycler which adding value to most of the manufacturing operations successfully.

These solvent recyclers allow manufacturing the highest quality of recycled solvents based stuff and manage them accordingly.

Benefits Of Solvent Recycler

  • Economic Benefits – Decreases liquid waste disposal costs and recycle liquid solvents waste.
  • Environmental Benefits – Reduces and controls surrounding environmental pollution.
  • Regulatory Compliance – provides effective regulations and execution of green ideas.
  • The solvent recycler distills solvents in its equivalent quality.
  • Clean and top quality solvents are gained.

Can Solvent Recycler Save Money?

Solvent Recycler saves the money in a great way, don’t have to treat their used solvents as waste.
By recovering the reusable solvents from waste or chemicals, companies reduce their cost of purchasing new solvent as well also they don’t have to spend on transportation for the disposal of hazardous chemicals.
HongYi solvent distillation recycler recovered more than 80% of quality reusable solvent from your waste.

HongYi Solvent Recycler equipment is designed to lower your solvent purchase to provide you clean and reusable solvents every day through its automatic process.
Our Solvent Recycler is very easy to use and requires low maintenance. Fully automatic solvent recycling machine is the best and reliable option to recycle and recover the solvents at low cost and make the environment safe to reduce hazardous waste.

Why Us?

HongYi has become the leading enterprise in the solvent recycling equipment industry of China to export its high-tech recycling and recovery system to the various parts of the world.
The company’s direct sales to foreign countries have improved significantly in the recent year.
HongYi never compromises on the quality of the product, and give respect to its customer and their valuable money to purchase quality solvent recycler machine. We help organizations to choose affordable price equipment as per their requirements; we can also customize our solvent recyclers according to the specific needs of the users.
We help enterprises to save their cost, social resources and reducing environmental pollution.

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