Solvent Recovery Equipment: Hy250Ex-PLC

Solvent recovery equipment works with intelligent software control and liquid level control, it’s automatic feeding, 24 hours automatic runing

Model/Type: Hy250Ex-PLC Solvent Recovery equipment
Feeding Capacity 250 Liters
Feeding Auto Feeding System
Heating Method Indirect heating by heat transfer oil
Cooling Method Air-cooling
Slagging-off Mode Dumping slag-off & Underneath slag-off
Operating Temp 50-210°C
Voltage, Frequency 380V/50-60Hz (3Ph)
Power Input, Average 16Kw
Width*Length*Height 1200*1600*1950 mm
Net Weight Approx. 600 Kg

Operation Principles

Solvent Recycling Machine works by distillation principle

  1. Feeding the solution into distillation tank.
  2. Heating up the transfer oil in the distillation tank for heating waste solution, organic solvents boiling up and the liquid turns into gaseous state.
  3. Gaseous solvents enter the cooling system and condense into liquids
  4. Separated clean solvents flow into a container or vacuum device.
  5. After the recycling, clean up the residue.

By distillation and cooling, clean organic solvents are recycled for use, achieving the purpose of recycling and reuse.

Main Features

  1. 7  inch Lcd screen
  2. Programmable Logic Controller
  3. Liquid level control system
  4. Auto-feeding system
  5. 24 hours running continuously
  6. Air-cooling system
  7. Bottom sludge discharge valve
  8. Dumping slag-off
Hy250Ex-PLC Solvent Recovery Equipment Touch Screen

Available Options

  • Vacuum systems(V250 or V500)
  • Automatic bottom sludge discharge valve
  • 240V, 380V, 415V or 460V
  • Teflon coating
  • Water-cooling system

Differences of Hy250Ex-Plc and Hy250Ex Solvent Recovery Equipment

Item Hy250Ex-PLC Hy250Ex
Level control ×
Auto feeding system Manual
Pneumatic feeding pump Optional
316 stainless steel condensers Optional Optional
Pneumatic valve bottom drainage slag-off Optional Optional
Manual valve bottom drainage slag-off
Dumping slag-off
Teflon coating Optional Optional
Using liner bags Optional Optional
Vacuum device Optional Optional
Hy250Ex-PLC Solvent Recovery Equipment+V500
Hy250Ex-plc Solvent Recovery Equipment
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