PLC Solvent Recycler

Plc Solvent Recycler system can work automatically for 24 hours continuously after equipping with the optional devices, such as auto feeding system, liquid control system, electromagnetic valve, transducer, etc.

Main Features:

  • 7 inch Lcd screen
  • Programmable logic lontroller and add optional software for optional device
  • Liquid level control system
  • Auto-feeding system
  • 24 hours running continuously
  • Cooling failure protection function
  • Over-high-pressure protection
  • Auto-remove residue

PLC Continuous Feeding Models Solvent Recovery System

Types Capacity per Hour
Hy60Ex-PLC 20~30 Liters
Hy125Ex-PLC 30~40 Liters
Hy250Ex-PLC 60~80 Liters
Hy450Ex-PLC 100+ Liters
PLC solvent recycler diagram
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