How Solvent Recycler Works?

Solvent Recycler converts the dirty or used solvent into a reusable format after reprocessing process. The solvent recycling mainly used in the industries where organic solvent used as a cleaning agent. After recycling using distillation recycling principles, the solvent returns to the previous stage and can be utilized again.

How it works

 Solvent Recycler with water-cooling system

Operation diagram of Solvent Recycler with air-cooling system

  • Feeding solvent & preset heating time & temperature.
  • Begin to heat after turn on the power.
  • Boiling & recycling clean and pure solvent.
  • Clean distillation bucket, & remove the residue.
  • Connect cooling water then turn on the power.
  • Begin to heat & boiling, get clean & pure solvent.
  • Open the slag discharge, valve & clean the residue.

The Hy solvent recyclers are very environment-friendly and widely used by various industries to recycle dirty solvents.

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