Solvent recycling machine as known as solvent waste management machine is typically used to recycle and reuse solvents that are commonly utilized in the paint thinner related products. These machines allow the waste solvent to be reusable. The working of a solvent recycler is based on some of the basic physical principles.

The solvent recycler machine consists of a tank that is used to deposit solvent waste. The tank is heated by a burner that makes the liquid portion of the solvent waste to vaporize and then the condenser is used to transform vapor back into liquid state. The process uses solvent boiling mixture encapsulated in an isolated system that helps to condense the vapors to form the liquid that can be further disposed of.

To make this understanding simpler consider of solvents and resins obtained during a manufacturing production.  The solvent recycling machine will heat the mixture that is obtained that boils off the solvent that leaves the resins in the machine behind as residue that can be discarded further. The vapors formed are processed and condensed in a separated container to get the liquid state back, the acquired substance is clean and ready to be reused.  There are various methods of a solvent heating system includes steam, electric heating, and indirect heat. However, most conventional method solution container heating is the indirect heat as it is the most uniform way of heating.