VOC Recycling System

Hongyi VOC Recycling System is appropriate for cooling and condense VOC gases into liquefied VOCs for recycling.
This recycling system is utilized to reuse VOC or gaseous solvent from a sealed vessel.
We can also manufacture customized VOC solvent recycling systems as per the customers’ requirements.

Air& water cooling solvent recycler
Air& water cooling solvent recycler

VOC Recycling Benefits

Reduce the loss of solvent volatilization, energy saving and environmental protection

  • Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Greatly reduce the loss of solvent volatilization during storage and transportation.
  • Reduce the solvent purchase quantity! More than 95% of VOC gases can be recycled and supplied to the product line.
  • Greatly reduce damages to workers.
  • Help enterprises to eliminate damages to environment
  • It saves money in a great way.
  • Greatly reduce the expenditure on buying clean solvent!
  • It can increase the positive of the organization along with government departments’ special attention.
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