Organic solvents have become an essential part of the production industry from around the world. However, their emissions and loss can also make a great difference for the environment. Recovery of solvents is originally the process of recovering or preventing of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are produced and lost in the form of gas or liquids at certain temperatures while producing various products. Major sources of natural or un-natural VOC that emit solvents in the form of gas can be categorized as paints, chlorofluorocarbons, and fossils are to be mentioned as few. The emission of solvents involved in volatile organic compounds breaks into increasing the cost and budget of production along with producing long term health hazards for the human being. In order to take safety measures and to prevent the loss and its hazardous effects on health, there are various methods applied to deal with the matter. Popular methods for solvent recovery include condensation, distillation, evaporation, drying, filtration, and other vacuum operations.Solvent Recycling Machine

Condensation includes of tubes and basic cooling pressures that are produced by the help of atmospheric air that is present during the method. According to past researches cryogenic technology is one of the best condensation methods because of the fast delivery of results.

When Volatile solvents other than acetone and toluene are involved in the product mixture the best way for recovery could be fractional distillation in order to achieve the preferred solvent purity.

The process of evaporation works in a way that the vapors of compound that were evaporated in the system are then dragged through a cold condenser to cool the vapors and then these solvent vapors are converted into liquid form which is now re-usable.

Thus, there are many other methods and solvent recovery systems to achieve the goal of recovering of solvents. It all depends the budget, size and atmosphere of the industry that which method suits the best to the specific company. However the best and renowned methods are fractional distillation, vacuum methods and cryogenic technology.