Recovery time, means a period time from solvent recovery system starts heating to automatic shut off, the temperatur of dirty solvent and equipment are same as room temperature.
Recovery time is usually 2.5~4 hours every time, small capacity of machine will spend less time.
For example:

  • Hy20Ex~Hy40Ex : about 2.5 hours
  • Hy60Ex~Hy125Ex: about 3.0 hours
  • Hy60Ex~Hy125Ex ; about 3.5 hours
  • Hy250Ex~Hy450Ex: about 4.0 hours
Recovery time above is only for reference. Moreover, it also refers to solvent’s type and other factors. For example, recycle IPA or alcohol, it needs about 4~5 hours for all of model; if you want to recycle water, recovery time is about 8 hours.
The main factor effects recovery time as below:
  • Solvent’s type (boiling point, volatility)
  • contaminant content
  • Room temperature
For example, we use Hy60Ex solvent recovery systeme to recycle the solvent was contaminated by ink( Include 80% acetone and 20% ink), room temperature is 25℃, heating temperature and heating time status as below:
Heating time and temperature variations & Recovery test record
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