Hy Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

Hy Centrifugal oil cleaner clean oil by making centrifugal force two thousand times larger than gravity. This force splits hard pollutant from the oil and preserves the oil unpolluted.

HongYi (HK) Environmental Equipment Co., Limited is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Centrifugal Oil Cleaners in China. We offer high quality and best price centrifugal oil cleaner that are widely used in various industrial application.

The conventional filters are not able to separate the fine particles from oil while the Centrifugal oil cleaner performs this task effectively; its force is proficient for eradicating a wide variety of particles extending into sub-micron range.

before running

Before Running

Dregs Separated From Oil after Running

The Benefits

  • Improved purity of the oil
  • Extended oil life change period
  • Increased engine/machinery Life
  • Lengthens service intervals
  • Reduces engine/machinery wear
  • Enhances long-term preventative maintenance
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Cuts waste disposal costs
  • Reduces application downtime
  • Maximized in-service time for vehicle/engines/machinery
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Helps ensure clean combustion and fuel efficiency
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